Abib Report 2016

September 10, 2016

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September 10, 2016

Rebecca's witness to the start of the year.

May 8, 2016

Hi Folks,

Many of you have been requesting any pictures and updated information as to if the wheat will be ready by May 15th for a firstfruit offering. I have responded to many of you with info but thought I would do so for everyone.

Wheat has actually been being harvested for several weeks already. Yet there are some who are posting articles and such stating that is not the case. Denial is a sad thing to watch but part of the guile being expounded on this year. For those of you keeping a March start the attached article should be of value. Technically or biblically the wheat should not be harvested until the firstfruit offering is made on Pentecost/Feast of Weeks/Feast of Harvest/Feast of Firstfruit. You can choose the name. It has four; because of all the things which are included in this wonderful day of rehearsal of future events.

Anyway pictures are worth thousands of words. Lara sent this very lengthy article to me today. I will share it rather than the other ones for it is so thorough and loaded with pictures. The wheat crop is very dry due to the past 3 months of record setting temperature. I can't imagine any still standing for a June 12th firstfruit offering let alone a harvest to follow.


Brian and Linda

May 7, 2016

Its official! The IMS has reported on the monthly temperatures for February, March, and April in Israel and most importantly in the 3 major grain growing regions: the Coastal Plain, Negev, and Jezreel Valley. All have set new monthly average records for heat. There is no doubt as to when the Biblical Year started this year. It was after sunset on March 10th. Our Creator who controls the weather has made it abundantly clear. That certainly places the festivals of the 7th month in September.

The Error of Cain and Jeroboam

Hi Folks,

We have some information on FOT sites for this September as to what may be planned etc. If you can be of assistance please make the effort.

April 10 FOT requests

Abib Update and More 4/2/2016

Hi Folks,

Some who would claim dominion over our faith are insisting that we cherry pick heads out of little clumps of barley to make it appear that we have entire fields ready. How did we know such a stupid, vain, and evil claim would be coming forth! There is no guile in what we report for that would be a sin. Please enjoy the video of this mornings aviv field below. How many acres do you think this is? Listen to the aviv barley stalks snapping as they are being stepped on.

Abib Field Video: 3/24/2016

Abib Update: 3/24/16

Abib Update: 3/22/16

Hi Folks,

I think I have gotten back to the hundreds of you who have sent in questions, etc. If I have missed you please resend for in some cases some of the conversations were over a multitude of emails and there is the possibility of overlooking some in the mix. Whatever you have individually decided to do we hope you have a wonderful Passover season.

Brian and Linda

Abib Summation March 12, 2016

Hi Folks,

Well we are home now but very tired. Just catching up on all the necessary things in life before we hit the hay so to speak. I have hundreds of emails here which I have not yet answered so please be patient. It may take a while. Many, Many questions and thanks from a lot of people from all over the world for providing a daily analysis of what we have observed and many thank you's for giving them the credit for having the spirit of God/Elohim dwelling in them to make their own decisions.

What I will be doing tomorrow is putting together a Report Summary as is my pattern from year to year. It will answer many questions from you in general and in some specifics. What I have decided to do is to also write a reason for the hope that is in both Linda and I about the Abib Calendar and the plan of salvation which it depicts for those who are in the body of Christ/Messiah. That will answer a whole lot of questions for many of you. If I do not post it tomorrow it will be up on Sunday some time.

To answer many of you, yes Linda and I are keeping today as the new year. But! This is not a game of "follow the leader." Those of us who are members of the body of Christ/Messiah have only one Head, one Shepherd, one Savior. We are given the spirit of God/Elohim the Father when He calls us unto His Son and He expects us to use it to discern the deep things of God/Elohim as He tells us in 1 Corinthians.

Please keep in mind it is just Linda and I who will be answering the personal emails so once again be patient for you are not being ignored. That actually has been one of the biggest lessons of this years inspects, patience and waiting on God/Elohim as well as a little humbling thrown in. We have received over 10,0000 hits to the aviv search page alone in the past 6 days. I will also post the pictures of the aviv barley from Thursday which I could not get loaded on Thursday. Those of you who know me are probably astounded that I even got what I did into a report. You will see it is very healthy, plump, and dry, and by the way the red strain as well, which we will talk about at length in the near future as it is related to studies done by Haifa University.

Happy Sabbath!

March 10th, 2016 - Abib Inspection Report

March 9th, 2016 - Abib Inspection Report

Initial Report March 9th: This morning around 9 AM we inspected a new location, which we have no inspected before. Over 50 percent of the wild barley will be aviv withing 10 days time on its own. This location will meet all the biblical criteria to be used as a wave sheaf offering during the upcoming month. It is less than a day's journey from the Temple Mount via donkey. The full report will follow after the remainder of today's inspections. Brian and Linda

March 8th, 2016 - Q&A

March 8th, 2016 - Note

March 8th, 2016 Abib Inspection Report

March 7th, 2016 Abib Inspection Report

February 21, 2016

Hi Folks. A couple of points of interest. On Friday evening I was a quest speaker at the Congregational Fellowship bible study. I gave a presentation on why I personally do what I do as to the abib aspect of the Biblical Calendar. Unfortunately the meeting met the maximum amount of the quests it could take and was closed to any others attempting to get in. From emails etc. that was a substantial number. Don has placed the 2 hour and 40 minute presentation on Youtube for anyone who wants to listen to it. If you sign onto Youtube and type in: Brian Convery, The scriptural Importance of abib/what we do and why, it should pop up.

Below is a link from the www.thinkgod.org site for the presentation.


Also there has been a lot of requests about a FOT site for 2016. After the inspections when we know when the new year will start I will put out a request to others via the site here to get input on a festival site. Something to think about in the meantime.

Also the unseasonably warm weather of the past 5 days in Israel is now back to reality. Should be an interesting trip of inspections this year.

February 13, 2016 Update Click Here 


December 12, 2015

Hi Folks,
We hope you are keeping safe and growing in the knowledge, favor, and acceptance of our Lord and Savior during these dark and troubling times. One of the patterns which are based in such things is that as the times and surroundings grow darker our lights should be growing brighter. We thought we would put out an abib update a little earlier this year to inspire you to look beyond and through these dark times of pagan worship and false god butchering’s which are captivating the world, to a much brighter time of anticipation and joy which we call the annual festivals or rehearsals of God/Elohim and in particular to Passover and Unleavened Bread, and do not forget the Wavesheaf Day.
Some are enquiring as to my opinion of when the Biblical Year will start, in particular will it be a normal year or an intercalated year. The truth is I do not have one at this time. We will be in Israel the week of March 6,, 2016 to inspect the wild or volunteer barley crop and the other Biblical signs which accompany the end of one year and the start of another.
However with that said each year we accumulate data and information which can help us in making personal assumptions. This is no different from accumulating data and information as to new moon sightings and patterns. What we do is pattern meteorological conditions leading up to the start of a Biblical year. For instance this year at this time it is much different than last year. Last year was quite dry. It is currently quite wet in the barley breadbasket of the country we refer to as the Negev, at least in some of its areas where we have some of our traditionally early maturing barley fields. As well some areas of this region have experienced some unseasonably cold weather for some time and in particular this past week when below freezing temperatures have been recorded with heavy frost. This has caused a lot of concern with many growers and has resulted in significant damage to the potato crop. This in itself does not have much of an effect on the later crops such as barley and wheat when looking at the unseasonably cold temperatures. Barley can germinate at 34 degrees Fahrenheit. What is of interest to us is the amount of moisture currently in the soil. The Coastal Plain of the Western Negev has received a lot of rain to date. Keep in mind rainfalls are officially measured from August to August in Israel. Here are a few examples of the area.
Bet Dagan (near Tel Aviv) 160% of normal to date; Negba 145% of normal to date; and Besor Farm (near Egyptian border area) 251% of normal to date. Even Beer Sheva is coming in at 134% of normal to date. If these hold up they will have a significant effect on the future crops.
Jerusalem and its surrounding region are running a little below normal but nothing significant.
The North is a mixed bag. The areas of some of our traditionally early volunteer barley fields are doing well in the area of the junction of the Jezreel Valley and the Jordon Valley. For instance Seed Eliyyahu is at 108% of normal to date and just north of that Zema is at 90%.
However to the west of these locations Merhvya is at 37% and to the north of that Mispe Harashim is at 45% and Har Kenaan (Zefat) is at 43%.
It is going to be interesting to see how these numbers hold leading up to the very important time frame of the end of January through the third week of February. That time period has generally shaped the growth pattern of the volunteer barley crop the past 14 years with only a couple of exceptions. Patterns in creation are wonderful things for they impart knowledge to one who takes the time to observe them and note them. Everything and everyone has a pattern which can give us a lot of insight into what it or they will be doing.
For anyone who is new to our reporting on the barley in Israel, let me conclude, that we do not make predictions. What we do is report on the visible conditions in Israel leading up to the end of the 12th lunar month in the yearly cycle. We undertake feet on the ground inspections a few days before the end of that lunar cycle in Israel and pass that information onto anyone who wishes to use it in their personal evaluation as to when the start of the Biblical new year is and thus the count to the annual moedim or appointed days of meeting with our Creators. We also refer to these as the annual festivals and annual rehearsals.
We hope we have been able to spark some encouragement to look beyond these present days of gloom and doom and unto the brighter days of joy which are just ahead.
Brian and Linda

Abib Summation: Monday March 16, 2015

Hi Folks,
With the evidence gathered to date and supplied you should have enough to make an informed decision about the start of the year based on the barley crops growing in Israel. All that remains is applying whatever method you use for the new moon and start of the month. We hope you have a very uplifting festival season regardless of your personal conclusions.
The question has arisen again by some as to why I do not declare the start of the year for others. That is very simple to answer. That is a very personal choice between each of us and our Creator. To hand that off to another is not a wise thing to do in my understanding and experience. I perform a function for the body of Christ/Messiah. That is inspecting the barley crops at the end of the 12th lunar month and then reporting on it to those who are seeking this information. I as well as others share this information publically. It has nothing to do with getting money, recognition, etc. for I do this to fulfil my obligation in my personal relationship with Christ/Messiah. He has provided for me as well as others in life to be able to afford to do it where others could not, thus we make it available to anyone who is interested in it. That may end someday but until it does we do not accept any funding from anyone else to carry out this function. No strings attached.
Another question has arisen which does often. I have been asked why I believe the barley does not have to be mature until wavesheaf day because others state it must be aviv by the end of the 12th lunar month. First of all there is nothing in scripture that says it must be aviv by the end of the 12th month. That is from the imaginations of men, a fable one might say.
When I read Lev. 23:10-15 I see a very simple and direct command to follow. It first tells me the crop is in the land of Israel. Then it says a sheaf of the firstfruits is to be brought to the Priest for him to wave to be accepted on our behalf (Exodus 34:26 teaches us that it is actually the first of the firstfruits of your land. That means the very first one to be found in the land regardless of location in that land, and not the first fruit of other fields that will mature later. It says it is to be brought to the house of Yehovah our God /Elohim from wherever it is found first). It then says this is to take place on the day after the Sabbath. I certainly believe this is talking about the first day of the week. That is the emphasis of the Hebrew here by using the word Shabbot (7676) and not Shabbaton. I do understand some of you look at that differently but as you will see it has no bearing on the point I will be making for both fall during the days of Unleavened Bread. We are told from that day (wavesheaf day) we are to could seven Sabbaths and then we have the start of the wheat harvest, (Deuteronomy 16 and in particular verses 9-10 tell us the same thing in the same context. It is important to note that these verses teach us that it starts when we put the sickle to the grain and thus the seven weeks of barley harvest up to Pentecost or the Feast of Weeks. I believe these seven weeks are representative of the seven churches talked about in the second covenant scriptures and that is why the count starts during the Days of UB). This is all explained in our articles on the site with lots of scriptural patterns.
Where many stumble is when they do not apply the symbolism of Christ/Messiah to all this. Those of us who hold dearly that Jesus/Yahshua (or whatever spelling and pronouncing you use here) is the
Christ/Messiah understand that He is not only our Passover sacrifice, the Lamb of the Father sacrificed on our behalf for He was sin free, but also that He was our Wavesheaf who was now accepted on our behave as well as scripture teaches us after that sacrifice. So He fulfilled both of these necessary rolls and functions in the plan of salvation. It is a very beautiful scriptural pattern which unfortunately is rejected by those who reject that Christ/Messiah came in the person of Jesus/Yahshua. The Father does everything decently and in order, that being His order which He has had written out for our benefit, for our instruction.
With that said lets apply the phrase, “do the math” and then apply it to when the barley must be physiologically mature or aviv, so that it can reproduce itself. That is a very important understanding to both covenants which many deny who only hold the first covenant scriptures as holy. They do not understand the spiritual aspects of any of this but look completely to the physical.
If Christ/Messiah is our sacrificial Passover Lamb He must accomplish that task, fulfill that function before He can undertake the second one of being able to be waved before the Father to be accepted on our behalf. So why would we prematurely require Him to be aviv before He became the Passover Lamb? That makes no scriptural sense unless one does not hold the truth of all the scriptures; first and second covenants. That is why I do not look for the barley to be mature, to be able to reproduce itself, at the end of the 12th lunar moon. It is a wonderful thing when it is, but it is not necessary. Our function is to determine if it will be aviv, able to reproduce itself prior to wavesheaf day. That is over two weeks after the end of the 12th month. Sometimes 3 weeks later depending how the days fall in a given year. That is also the importance of Lev 2:14 as the means of determining the minimum requirements of this wavesheaf offering grain. Yes it can go through fire to see if it can endure so that it can be used as the basis for such a holy offering or if it will shrivel away and not be acceptable. The symbolism here once again is astounding when we understand what our Savior went through on our behalf as the Passover Lamb of the Fathers household. Trial and testing by fire is a common thread throughout scripture.
This is the short answer to the question. I believe that if you do not hold the Christ/Messiah as the son of the Father then you will not have His spirit to discern such things. I have been told that is ridiculous. To that I usually will follow up that we must turn to the last living apostle in 1st John 2:22-23, “Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ! He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either, he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.” John left us this warning and many others for that matter. What do we do with them? I use them to understand why many do what they do and teach what they teach. I don’t judge them for it but I am very cautious of what they have to say because of what John teaches us in 2nd John 9-10, “Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ/Messiah does not have God/Elohim. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ/Messiah has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him; for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds.”
That is a very stark and sobering warning to the body of Christ/Messiah from the last remaining original apostle. There are obvious reasons why God/Elohim instructed John to write these warnings down for us. The apostle Paul warns us through his second letter to a young Timothy often about such things.
Second Timothy 4:3-4 is just one instance, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine (that taught through the first and second covenant scriptures), but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”
Not very smooth is it, but none the less the word of God/Elohim and not men. Do we have more wisdom than God/Elohoim?
So that is the answer to the question of why I do not use the teaching that the barley is to be aviv by the end of the 12th month. It does not fulfil the intent or direction of the word Of God/Elohim. Of course that is my personal belief and we are all to seek out our own salvation with fear and trembling as Paul teaches us.
Looking ahead to next year at least based on my decision for this year I will be in Israel the week of March 6th to inspect barley. Others will undoubtedly be here as well God/Elohim willing. That will be an interesting inspection for it is on the edge of the patterns we have seen as to early barley over the past 14 years.
All the best and keep safe in the Lord/Yehovah

Abib Report: Sunday March 15, 2015

Hi Folks,

What a beautiful day in Israel today. Bill and Gretchen Creamer made the rounds with me in the Negev. As most of you know over the past 14 years of doing inspections we have been able to locate fields of wild (volunteer) barley in every region of the country. We refer to them as our traditional fields. We inspect them year after year because they are consistent producers untouched by farming and such things. However we need to beat the 4 legged lawnmowers (sheep and goats) to them to get a good reading. This year there is so much barley and oats growing everywhere the sheep can move around in a circle gorging themselves and not leave a small area.
We started with our first field near Negba. Here the barley was very tall as was the wild oats. Barley here was in various stages including the dough stage. The majority was just entering that stage but those sections with full sun had nice seed development already. Just down the road from here there was a field of domestic wheat which has started to turn for those of you who are interested in such.
Further down the road we stopped at one of our traditional vineyards and as you will see the grapes are very advanced. If you back through the pictures from past years all these locations are the same thus they establish growth patterns for us from year to year.
Further down RT 232 we stopped at 3 more traditional fields. At each of these locations the barley, for the most part was in the advanced dough stages. That is where the lawnmovers hadn’t eaten it and it had to start over again. The red strain barley was exceptional with some of it hardened nicely on the stalk which would only take a few days in the sun to harden completely if cut today. As we say very physiologically mature.
We did stop in at some locations near Lahav. Here the wild barley was a week away from meeting the requirements we look for. We stopped and examined a big field of domestic 6 row barley which was turning quickly and which was being cut for feed. It was a mixture of very hard kernels and some not quite as hard for those of you who look for that information.
Our next stop was at our location in the Judean Foothills; near Ya’ar Ha’malahim. This is about a days journey on foot from the Temple and it was quite advanced. It is a pocket of red strain wild barley that is a real treasure to us inspectors. A little drying and it would easily be ground into flour.
Our final stop was outside the walls of the Temple Mount. One particular area was in the early dough stage with seeds that had good shape and texture. That was a nice surprise. Other locations here were in the milk stages.
To sum it up we found multiple locations of soft and hard dough with lots of it at physiological maturity, able to be roasted and meet the minimum requirements, or if left on its own would be easily meeting it by wavesheaf day which falls during the days of Unleavened Bread.
The mystery of the missing storks has been solved. Pierre tells us they were moving through his area last week and sure enough today we saw some stragglers in a field not far from Beer Sheva.
We hope this information can assist you in your evaluation of the times of meeting with God/Elohim.
Bill, Gretchen, and Brian

Abib Report: Friday, March 13, 2015

Hi Folks,
We hope things are well with you all. It is so very different to be in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt today when I was walking through feet of snow on Wednesday. Matt (my son) and I were supposed to spend the day with Pierre visiting some historic sites. Unfortunately the marathon running in Jerusalem put an end to that thought. We tried getting around but it was impossible. A native of Jerusalem may have known how to do so but us westerners were a little lost.
We decided to take a drive through the Jordan Valley up to Beit Shaun to my favorite falafel shop. I am very happy we did. The Judean Hills on the river side are the greenest I have ever seen. All the way down to the valley floor. Quite a sight to see. We knew there was a lot of moisture this past winter but this must have been exceptional to have such an effect. It is one for the pattern books. The result of it is wild (volunteer) barley growing everywhere, Out of every nook and cranny.
For those who use barley growing in the rocky areas you will have a field day. Some of it has already changed in color. As most of you know I and many others do not use these areas for all the reasons we have written about in the past. However it was something to see. We stopped and checked one of our traditional sites just past the checkpoint coming up out of the Jordan. As you will see from these pictures the barley is very healthy and quite advanced. The red strain found here is always a great indicator of what we will find elsewhere where conditions have been good. The barley found here could be cut in a week and dried for a couple of days in the sun and easily be ground into flour.
We decided to travel up on top of the Gilboa Mountains to another traditional sight and we encountered barley in the dough stages. It was everywhere once again as the pictures will show. The wild anenomes were in bloom all over as well in these higher elevations.
I have also included some pictures of my favorite fig trees in Shoresh. A picture is worth a thousand words. Doves are actively looking for mates as are many other species of song birds. I was disappointed to not see any storks but after seeing flocks of egrets and swallows moving up through the Jordan Valley it occurred to me we may have missed the brunt of the migration of the storks.
We will find out Sunday what the Negev has in store for us. So wonderful being able to witness to these great events in creation. What an awesome Creator we have. Bill and Gretchen will be joining up with me on that trip.
Happy Sabbath
Brian and Matt

February 23, 2015

Hi Folks,

We hope things are well with you all. Here in New York we are buried in snow and have  very cold temperatures. This has been the case for 6-8 weeks and will continue for the foreseeable future. Yesterday I spent time answering emails from folks who are being told that the year will definitely need to be intercalated. Don’t forget we just had an intercalated year this year. Dear brethren; gibberish is gibberish whatever the source of it. Don’t be confused by people who have pre-set agenda’s and who want dominion over our faith. Some are using the past twelve days of very severe weather in Israel including snow as far south as Beer Sheva to attempt to claim that the barley crop will not be ready by the end of the 12th lunar month which we just started recently and thus a need to intercalate a month and thus the year. The caveat of “buyer beware” should be screaming out to us all when such things are stated.
The truth of the matter is as I have been stressing with brethren of late is that our Creator, who controls the weather which controls the growth of the barley and wheat crops, is actually using the severe weather to slow the growth rate down! (Deuteronomy 11:10-12) The wavesheaf does not have to be presented until April 5th by the mechanism I personally use in determining this. Some of you use a little different method but we normally are very close to one another in doing so. Even if you use the method of it needing to be aviv by the end of the 12th month which in my opinion is not biblical, instead of the actual wavesheaf day which is a minimum of 15 days after that you will get some relief from the pictures attached.
In an earlier update I had expressed my belief that at the start of the 12th month we would have a lot of grain in the head “green heads” and why we don’t use “green heads” to declare aviv. Please reread it and see some of the dangers associated with adding an additional month this year. Pictures are worth a thousand words as the saying goes.
Pierre was good enough to send us some very definitive pictures he took yesterday near Kibbutz Dvir on his way home from Jerusalem. You will see both domestic barley and wheat in them.
As is our pattern we will be in Israel inspecting both the volunteer and domestic barley crops across the country prior to the end of the 12th month to provide you all with pictures and assessments of the crops in the land so you in turn can decide how you will personally proceed with the Year. Our Creator tells us we are to wait on Him from year to year, so that is what we do and that is why I personally travel to Israel each year just prior to end of the 12th month to see what He has decided as to His appointed times of meeting.





Abib Update January 24, 2015

Hi Folks,

We hope things are well with you all in light of the times we live in. We are all set as to flights, accommodation’s and such for our inspections in Israel this coming March during the week of the 15-20th. We will probably start in the Negev this year at our traditional sites located there. Then during the following days we will inspect our sites located in the other grain growing regions of this very small but diverse country.

The rains have been very good, to the point of exceptional to date this winter, with many of our fields receiving between 90-100 percent of their annual rainfall already. That equates to a lot of green in Israel. The country has just endured some very harsh winter conditions at the onset of January but this past week it has experienced above normal temperatures. This is how God/Elohim controls the growth of the volunteer barley to suit His timing as to the start of the year as He so clearly explains to us all in Deuteronomy 11:10-12. Remember barley can germinate at 34 degrees Fahrenheit but that does not mean it will. This year everything appears to be on pace for a March 22nd starting of the month of Abib or there about depending on what criteria you use. In fact I have no doubt that at the end of the 11th month and start of the 12th that some sites will have green ears visible. Once again “green ears” does not mean Abib as we have demonstrated over the years during our inspections. For those of us who keep the start of the month based on a first visible crescent from Israel the start of it will be after sunset on Friday February the 20th for that should be the end of the 30th day if I remember correctly. The point I am making is that “green heads” of grain will be visible in some locations and that is one of the big factors that teach us it is not a sign as to the start of Abib the first month.

Some of the brethren will be starting the year a month after what I and others are personally expecting. They have already set their dates and in many instances made their accommodations. Unfortunately they will completely miss the grain harvesting seasons as to the biblical sequence of barley then wheat in my opinion. But once again we are all to seek out our own salvation with fear and trembling. No one can do it for us so I implore everyone to take the time and think through the information pertinent to the moedim, appointed times of meeting with God/Elohim when making our decisions. If our conscience is clear and at peace with our decision then proceed with all our might.

My hope, actually my longing, is that we could all be of one mind as to setting the dates of the festivals but I know that is not to be the case at this time but will be at a future date. As is our custom we will be posting the daily reports for everyone to utilize in their decision making. They will include the maturity level of the barley, (voluntary as well as machine planted for some use one and some the other), the growth rate of the grapes, the figs, and the wild flowers and the migrating storks, etc. I will be getting back to those of you who expressed an interest in participating in the inspections this year shortly with more detailed information. This should be an excellent year to see multiple levels of maturity in the volunteer barley.

Happy Sabbath!


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