Abib Report 2015

February 23, 2015

Hi Folks,

We hope things are well with you all. Here in New York we are buried in snow and have very cold temperatures. This has been the case for 6-8 weeks and will continue for the foreseeable future. Yesterday I spent time answering emails from folks who are being told that the year will definitely need to be intercalated. Don’t forget we just had an intercalated year this year. Dear brethren; gibberish is gibberish whatever the source of it. Don’t be confused by people who have pre-set agenda’s and who want dominion over our faith. Some are using the past twelve days of very severe weather in Israel including snow as far south as Beer Sheva to attempt to claim that the barley crop will not be ready by the end of the 12th lunar month which we just started recently and thus a need to intercalate a month and thus the year. The caveat of “buyer beware” should be screaming out to us all when such things are stated.
The truth of the matter is as I have been stressing with brethren of late is that our Creator, who controls the weather which controls the growth of the barley and wheat crops, is actually using the severe weather to slow the growth rate down! (Deuteronomy 11:10-12) The wavesheaf does not have to be presented until April 5th by the mechanism I personally use in determining this. Some of you use a little different method but we normally are very close to one another in doing so. Even if you use the method of it needing to be aviv by the end of the 12th month which in my opinion is not biblical, instead of the actual wavesheaf day which is a minimum of 15 days after that you will get some relief from the pictures attached.
In an earlier update I had expressed my belief that at the start of the 12th month we would have a lot of grain in the head “green heads” and why we don’t use “green heads” to declare aviv. Please reread it and see some of the dangers associated with adding an additional month this year. Pictures are worth a thousand words as the saying goes.
Pierre was good enough to send us some very definitive pictures he took yesterday near Kibbutz Dvir on his way home from Jerusalem. You will see both domestic barley and wheat in them.
As is our pattern we will be in Israel inspecting both the volunteer and domestic barley crops across the country prior to the end of the 12th month to provide you all with pictures and assessments of the crops in the land so you in turn can decide how you will personally proceed with the Year. Our Creator tells us we are to wait on Him from year to year, so that is what we do and that is why I personally travel to Israel each year just prior to end of the 12th month to see what He has decided as to His appointed times of meeting.



Abib Update January 24, 2015

Hi Folks,

We hope things are well with you all in light of the times we live in. We are all set as to flights, accommodation’s and such for our inspections in Israel this coming March during the week of the 15-20th. We will probably start in the Negev this year at our traditional sites located there. Then during the following days we will inspect our sites located in the other grain growing regions of this very small but diverse country.

The rains have been very good, to the point of exceptional to date this winter, with many of our fields receiving between 90-100 percent of their annual rainfall already. That equates to a lot of green in Israel. The country has just endured some very harsh winter conditions at the onset of January but this past week it has experienced above normal temperatures. This is how God/Elohim controls the growth of the volunteer barley to suit His timing as to the start of the year as He so clearly explains to us all in Deuteronomy 11:10-12. Remember barley can germinate at 34 degrees Fahrenheit but that does not mean it will. This year everything appears to be on pace for a March 22nd starting of the month of Abib or there about depending on what criteria you use. In fact I have no doubt that at the end of the 11th month and start of the 12th that some sites will have green ears visible. Once again “green ears” does not mean Abib as we have demonstrated over the years during our inspections. For those of us who keep the start of the month based on a first visible crescent from Israel the start of it will be after sunset on Friday February the 20th for that should be the end of the 30th day if I remember correctly. The point I am making is that “green heads” of grain will be visible in some locations and that is one of the big factors that teach us it is not a sign as to the start of Abib the first month.

Some of the brethren will be starting the year a month after what I and others are personally expecting. They have already set their dates and in many instances made their accommodations. Unfortunately they will completely miss the grain harvesting seasons as to the biblical sequence of barley then wheat in my opinion. But once again we are all to seek out our own salvation with fear and trembling. No one can do it for us so I implore everyone to take the time and think through the information pertinent to the moedim, appointed times of meeting with God/Elohim when making our decisions. If our conscience is clear and at peace with our decision then proceed with all our might.

My hope, actually my longing, is that we could all be of one mind as to setting the dates of the festivals but I know that is not to be the case at this time but will be at a future date. As is our custom we will be posting the daily reports for everyone to utilize in their decision making. They will include the maturity level of the barley, (voluntary as well as machine planted for some use one and some the other), the growth rate of the grapes, the figs, and the wild flowers and the migrating storks, etc. I will be getting back to those of you who expressed an interest in participating in the inspections this year shortly with more detailed information. This should be an excellent year to see multiple levels of maturity in the volunteer barley.

Happy Sabbath!


November 13, 2014

We will be conducting the inspections in Israel the week of March 15, 2015. If anyone is interested in joining us this year please let me know so we can make any arrangements for any special needs.


Abib Report 2014

March 27, 2014

Hi Folks;

Here you will find several pictures Pierre took for us today. He sent a lot of them. They are in areas in the North Eastern Negev just before the start of the Judean foothills. These are the transition zones from completely fertile fields, to some with stone and some very fertile, and then stone. I have included several so you can see the transitioning taking place so there is no mistake as to the quality of the fields. These locations are typically the early harvest areas as many of you know from years of scouring reports and such. There are 24 days left until an April wavesheaf would be offered. Everything is right on schedule. These pictures are representative of the Negev region as to the age of the crops. I think it goes without saying that the domestic are usually more advanced that the acceptable locations of wild/volunteer barley. Pierre has taken the time from his responsibilities to provide us with these pictures. I had asked him to do so for there are some brethren who have asked for this evidence with all the misinformation circulating around these days. Thank you Pierre!

Picture number one typifies the general region north of Beersheva. All the domestic barley and wheat are at the same maturity level for they were all basically planted at the same time.

The second picture is a representative kernel of the domestic grain. We are utilizing it for it clearly shows the stage of growth of the grain crops. Notice the plumpness of the kernel. Notice the greenness of the kernel. Notice the amount of moisture in the kernel where it is split. This kernel would shrivel under the heat of roasting it. At least 7-10 days away to be sure it would not. 

Picture number three is a location further north and on the footsteps of the Judean Hills. The field at the back is domestic barley, the field with some stone in it which is not used domestically has volunteer barley, weeds, and darnel (Rye Grass) growing in it. Nothing is aviv! Notice the early arrivals standing in the field. The stork migration has just started.

Dear brethren everything is right on time. No hocus pocus and no showmanship required. I hope this can be of assistance to you in the sea of Satanic confusion. Please do not let anyone judge you in the convictions of your heart as you approach the upcoming Passover. Regardless of your reckoning of the crescent, most if not all of you, have the wavesheaf in common. That is our foremost focus at this time of year for that is what triggers all the other important dates in our Creators calendar counts. 


March 26, 2014

Hi Folks, Some of you have sent us a report from NG that he has found aviv upon his return to Israel. There are several things we should all be learning from this recent episode of the Satanic Broadcasting Network. I use that term because Satan is the prince of the power of the air, as scripture tells us and warns us. Our human spirit or the spirit in man as Paul puts it, is a receptor or receiver for his broadcasts. We have been given another spirit by God/Elohim which when used discerns between the knowledge of God/Elohim and that of man guided by Satan. I suggest you scroll down to the December 20th post below. In it we forewarned about people using the goat grass of Ein Mabu'a and the grazing regions of the Jordan Valley to declare a false aviv. We can't read another's mind but we can certainly observe a pattern of behavior and here we are seeing one being followed to a tee.  

Please use the spirit you have been given and the understanding you have acquired over the years. Take a look at the pictures offered as evidence. The one with a large stone in the center is offered as evidence one. Enlarge the photo on your computer screen. What do you see? Goat grass barley which is not aviv. Now why do I call it goat grass? Look at all the surroundings. That is not agricultural ground but an area used for grazing sheep and goats. Look at the composition of the soil. I know exactly where that location is. The report states it is just south of Beth Shaun. In relative terms that is saying Antarctica is just south of Australia.

Look at the two pictures of close up goat grass. It is completely anemic growing in stony ground with tiny little stalks and shriveled little heads. The idea of the close up is to make it look bigger than it is. This barley is probably from Ein Mabu'a. If you search our records you will see why it is unacceptable for any offering period. You will also see pictures which show you the terrain.

Yes the old saying that the devil is in the details can be cried out here. Several scriptures come to mind when I read this recent report. 1 Kings 18:21; "How long will you falter between two opinions? If Yehovah is God/Elohim, follow Him, but if Baal, then follow him."

We are witnessing a businessman spreading manure on his field so that it will yield more for him. I don't think that needs any more explanation. Satan is very active this year in an attempt to confuse brethren as to the upcoming Passover and days of UB. Think about the timing of this report. It is being done to spread doubt. It will continue right up to the sighting of the new moon as well, so hold onto your horses as the saying goes. Also hold onto your money!

When Paul was addressing the Corinthian brethren, just prior to his correcting them on how some were actually keeping Passover according to the circumcision party he made the following statement. 1 Corinthians 11:19, "For there must be factions among you, that those who are approved may be recognized (made evident/manifest) among you." Please do not be easily or soon shaken. We attempted to warn everyone to such an event as this in December 20, 2013 for this upcoming biblical year.

March 14, 2014 Update;

Hi Folks; People have been asking if there has been any significant change in the maturity level of the barley in Israel. I do believe they are asking since some of the brethren are using this month as the first month of the year and they are having reservations since Passover for them is knocking at the door. The answer to the questions is; no there has not. This past week has had some real swings in temperatures in Israel along with needed rain and in some locations too much too quick and has resulted in flash flooding in those locations. Many of you follow the Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) website postings. Being the official weather folks for Israel they are very valuable to us with a wealth of past and present information. For instance as I write the temperature in Jerusalem is 43F or 7C. That is cold. Remember this is where the Passover and UB would have been kept in times gone by. The forecast for tonight and tomorrow is 39F/55F with a chance of rain in Jerusalem. There is to be a warm up and then a significant drop in Temperatures on Tuesday again.

We all have to seek out our own salvation with fear and trembling but dear brethren it is still winter in Israel based on all the signs. The only reason I am writing this is because many are asking what the current conditions are. That means there are a lot more who are thinking the same thing who have not asked, at least from us. I hope this can be of assistance to you.


Abib Report Summation 2014 - Click Here to Open

Abib Report Summation 2014 Part II - Click Here to Open

Sunday March 2, 2014

Hi Folks,

Today we got a real early start into the Jerusalem area. The city is going to be shut down this afternoon for protests so traffic was very light for a work day.

Once again the barley was very young. On the hillsides facing the sun some of the barley was in the head and flowering. Of course this greenhouse effect has that result when surrounded with all the roads and stone walls etc. Most was still in the boot even under those conditions. Fig trees were dormant.

Heavy cloud cover is setting in with some rain starting in Shoresh. We will look for the crescent before leaving for the airport, hopefully things will clear up.

If I may be so bold to ask those of you who are reading this report for prayers as to the start of the new year next month. There is the possibility that the Abib Calendar and the Rabbinic Calendar may begin on the same day. This could be a big blessing for those who are in families with members who function under different calendar. Of course the caveat is; may Gods/Elohims will be done.

Brian, Rick, Moe, and Ben

Friday February 28, 2014

Hi Folks,

Greetings from Israel. We got out early this morning and made a fast trip through our traditional areas in the North. Our stops supported what we found yesterday in the Negev. The barley is very, very, young. We struggled to get a good picture in our locations with the heads emerged. The picture which is attached is from the Sdei Trumot location just south of the 667 and 90 junction. Most of the barley inspected was in the boot looking like grass.

We did not see any storks, which was to be expected being so early. However we did witness large numbers of buzzards today as yesterday. They are always earlier than the storks.

I have included a shot of Mt. Hermon with its snowy slopes.

We will be out Sunday in the Jerusalem area but that is expected to be even younger than the other two areas inspected.

I was so tired yesterday I forgot to thank Pierre for all his assistance. He is a wonderful host and we had a great visit. It is especially good for me because he actually does the driving when he accompanies us. That is a welcomed break as anyone knows who has driven in Israel before.

Our peace we give to you.

Brian, Rick, Moe, and Ben

Thursday February 27, 2014

Hi Folks,

We hope you are all well. We are looking forward to some sleep tonight.
Today we traveled to our traditionally early sites in the western Negev. No surprises so far. The volunteer barley is very young. It is now firmly in second place as to the youngest of any inspection outside of the barley found in 2005. The most advanced stalks were just out of the boot in the flowering stage. Even the roadside barley was in that stage as well with much of it still in the boot (looking like grass). Of course you all know we don’t use such but it illustrates how young the crop is in the traditionally early areas. Many of the wild oats are still just emerging from the boot as well and the pattern over the years has proven they are usually 3-4 weeks earlier than the wild/volunteer barley. It is a witness to pre-aviv stages. Also the red anenomies of the south are in full bloom in some areas and in some fading. This is another pre-aviv sign when dealing with the lower elevations of the Negev.

The manipulated domestic wheat and barley are in many cases in the head with little kernel development inside.

The grapes are in most cases very dormant with a few locations of designer grapes starting to bud. Of course we do not use them as a witness. Of the 20 or so Fig trees looked at in Shoresh only 2 show any bud activity.
We saw a lot of sheep and goats today but only a handful of lambs. Most ewes we either barren, pregnant, or in some cases showed signs of just having dropped their lambs. That makes them too young to accompany the mom out for feeding.
Tomorrow we will be inspecting the areas in the north. It has been much drier there of late so it will be interesting to see if it confirms the findings in the Negev.

Brian, Rick, Moe, and Ben

  Fig Tree ShoreshFig Tree Shoresh


Barley Near Negba

Barley near Re'im - Notice the sheep have been hard at work.

Traditional Vineyard on 232 - Some Very Minor Budding

February  25, 2014

Hi Folks,

We hope you are all doing well. We will be in Israel this week for our annual inspections at the end of the 12th lunar biblical month. We will be looking for the maturity stage of the volunteer/wild barley fields located all over the country. By fields I means agricultural fields and not rocky, stony, hillsides. The barley found there we refer to as goat grass as most of you are aware of. We will also be looking for the age of the new lambs, the migrating storks in the rift (Jordan) Valley, the grapes in the bud, figs budding, and a number of other biblical witnesses to the beginning of the year.

We will send out reports Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. There are fields in the south (Negev) which are home to manipulated/domestic varieties of grains which are well into the head. If we get time we will address this as we have in many years in the past as to the reason we do not use them in our list of agricultural witnesses during our inspections.

Some are asking about the timing of the minimal acceptable stage for use as a wave sheave offering during the days of Unleavened Bread. This keeps coming up each year because there are some who report on the barley who insist that it needs to be at this stage Lev. 2 (ability to be parged and roasted to be ground into flour) at the end of the 12th month. There is no such biblical command to be found in scripture. This stage needs to be achieved by the date of the first cutting of barley for the wave sheaf which would be at its earliest the 15th day of the 1st month (abib). That all depends on what day of the week the start of the month begins. That could be as much as the 21st day of Abib. For instance for this year if the new moon is seen after sunset Sunday March 2nd and the month starts on the 3rd of March you would have until March 23rd to meet the biblical standard. We have addressed this in length in the past reports for it is a recurring question based on misinformation. The wavesheaf is representative of our Messiah being accepted on our behalf as Lev 23 clearly instructs us when applied to the Creators plan of salvation. Unfortunately all do not share that belief, but in a time to come all will know it.

December 20, 2013

Hi Folks,
Hope things are well with you all.
What a difference a few short weeks make in the land of Israel. Just think, 2 weeks ago some of our traditional areas we look for early barley had only received from 1 to 8 percent of their normal rainfall to date. These calculations are taken from August 1 to August 1 each cycle. With a little over 10 weeks to the end of the 12th biblical new moon (first crescent rendering) we will have lots to look at as to weather conditions in Israel.
I have selected 4 areas which are important to us for seeking out early barley to keep an eye on.
The first two are in the Negev:
Besor Farms has received 253% of its normal rainfall from August 1 to December 19. That is 76% of its normal annual total.
Negba has received 231% of its normal rainfall for that same period which amounts to 77% of its normal annual rainfall.
The second two locations are:
Merhavaya, which is located in the Jezreel Valley. It has received 105% of its normal rainfall from August 1 through December 19 which is 33% of its normal annual amount.
Sede Eliyyahu, which is located at the crossroads of the Jezreel and Jordan Valleys has received 134% for the August 1 through December 19 time period which is 41% of its normal annual amount.
The hot spots in the south, where acceptable volunteer barley grows, are way ahead of schedule as to rainfall. Those in the north are a little ahead. With the amounts of rain and snow received on the eastern slopes of the higher elevations of the Judean Hills we may have another repeat of 2005 staring at us. Still too early to know but it is shaping up as a real possibility. The rocky desert slopes which exist there get early warm temps in all the ravines ( like Ein Mabu’a) and such which create a greenhouse effect. That can lead to a premature biblical year being declared by some using goat grass barley, as we call it. If you wish to refresh your memories as to the folly of that year please reread our reports on the site. Some kept it as a regular year and some as an intercalated year. The vast majority of you who receive this update are aware of how things work and will be evaluating as the evidence comes in as to our Creators will when His new year will begin.
We plan on being in Israel the end of February and first few days of March conducting inspections. I would think we will be sending out several updates prior to that time frame. We are already longing for the festivals of the first month.
Happy Sabbath and keep safe.




Pictures of Aviv seeds collected March 2009. Planted December 13th 2009

Pictures Taken 12/25/09 - 13 Days Growth

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