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Calendar Related 

Rebecca's Witness and Testimony to the New year 2016 in the land of Israel  New September 10

The Error of Cain and Jeroboam (new)

Questions about the Wavesheaf and New Moon from Israel 

What Calendar will be used during the Millennial Rule and Thereafter? *Updated 1/10/15

Abib Summation Report 2014

The Acceptable Year of the Lord

The Calendar of God

How to Determine Months and Years Using the Lunar Calendar

Potential New Moons - from 2000 through 2020

Equiluxes (12 Hours Day/12 Hours Night) in Jerusalem through 2020

Why I do not use an Equinox in anything Biblical

Holy Days Related

Atonement - A Day of Separation!

Pentecost is the Key 

Passover Symbols of the New Covenant 

The Passover of The Lord

A Sabbath Day Interview about the Passover

Pentecost & All Its Fullness

A Lesson Learned on Pentecost

The 7 Churches, 7 Days of Unleavened Bread and the 7 Week's Journey to Pentecost

Festivals of the Seventh Month

The Fall Festivals

The F.O.T. and the Restoration of Physical Israel

The Festival Sacrifices

Plan of Salvation

The Plan from the Beginning

Grace ***Recently Uploaded***

Faith is the Realization of things hoped for

What is the Body of Christ/Messiah and how does it function?

Two Leavened Loaves or Two Lambs; which represents the Bride of Christ on Pentecost? updated 6/18/2016

Can We be Worthy ***Updated 8/21/16***

Son of Peace 

The Unpardonable Sin and Eternal Judgement

Called, Chosen, and Faithful

The Two Covenants and The First Resurrection

Abib, Wavesheaf, Bride and the Plan of Salvation

The Bride of Christ vs The Pride of Life  


The Love of God

The Faith of Jesus

The one-god being Doctrine is a perverted and Different gospel about Christ

Who is God and did Jesus Christ Preexist?

Who is Our Teacher?

Doctrines of Demons

Church Related Studies

Can we be cowards in the eyes of God **New**

Reconciliation and Restoration: An Army of One

Will the Real Jesus Christ Please Step Forward

The Key to Knowledge

Kenyan Adventure

The Reason for Marriage from the Beginning

The Mixed Multitude and The Tares

Follow The Money II (Tithing)

The Hireling and The Wolf

Misc. Articles

Capitalism (Good) Vs Socialism (Evil)

Homosexuality: Good or Evil?

Is the World Karaite Movement organization and its founder a Blessing or Cursing?

Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God by Jeffery Weitzel


All of these booklets are much easier to download than in the past. We have updated the English and Hebrew Names versions. We will update the Spanish Version after we return from our trip to Israel.

How to Determine the State of "Aviv" in the Barley Crop, Which Grows in Israel-English Version (updated) 2016

  How to Determine the State of "Aviv" in the Barley Crop, Which Grows in Israel - Hebrew Names Version  (updated) 2016

  How to Determine the State of "Aviv" in the Barley Crop, Which Grows in Israel Spanish Version